Indiana Society of Paleontology

Field Trip Reports

The club takes regular field trips to collect specimens at various sites in Indiana and beyond.  Members may be required to wear protective gear including hard hats, safety glasses and steel toe shoes depending on the site.  Members must be 16 year or older to participate on quarry trips. 

View photos from several of the club's recent field trips below.


Anderson Quarry

We returned to this quarry on October 29 to collect fossils and calcite.  About 8 club members collected for 3 hours. 
Anderson Quarry
Aaron Aldred found this outstanding orange double terminated calcite crystal at the August, 2011 field trip to the quarry near Anderson, Indiana.  Many gastropods were found that day.  About 6 club members partipated on the trip.

Grant County Quarry
About nine club members collected Silurian specimens on August 6, 2011 in Grant County.  Gastropods, trilobites and corals were found at this famous site. 
McCordsville Quarry
This Calymene sp. (trilobite) was found at the June, 2011 field trip to McCordsville.  Despite rain, seven club members participated on this trip. Two trilobites were found at this site.

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